I am so sorry wasn’t able to get a post up yesterday, I ironically had a football match on Monday night, (when I normally start my next day post) and a party afterwards, resulting in my absence yesterday from school (My sleeping until 2 pm, and my illness until this morning was my reason for not being able to write the post in time). Tragic I know.


The pull football had in England is of similar strength that it has in my town in the winter (first semester/term). My school; students, teacher, parents, the entire town, prides itself on the home football matches that happen every Monday. (No not Friday like every high school movie, but on a Monday night). This is why in my area it is common to have parties on a Monday night and if you are someone like me that means very likely you are going to miss a Tuesday school day. (If you haven’t caught on my work hard and party hard a motto I live by as well as literally everyone in London, then you know now.)

It was funny because when I lived back in London my family was divided between Arsenal, which my dad supported and Chelsea, which was supported by both my mum and my brother.then me who being stuck in a boarding school where all the girls prioritised Lacrosse, meant that my football knowledge was awful. I even remember once my dad got me a ticket with him to the Arsenal directors box just so I would support his team. It was sad because, my indifference to the sport meant people who lived in America, knew more about a British sport then me.

When I first moved here, surprisingly the respect people had for the footballers in our town was not shocking because it formed the basis of every American movie, (jocks ruled the school). You could immediately pick them out from the crowd, in their varsity jackets, that are just so iconic. Their tough, obnoxious, loud exterior and of course their obsession with smashing and dashing. It was of course your classic boarding school boy (my understanding of a situation always results in making a comparison ¬†sorry if it’s annoying), someone who truly believed the world owed them something. However at the same time no one can deny unless you are truly lucky, that you have fancied one of these boys in your lifetime or at least someone who holds these characteristics.

Anyway upon moving to America, although initially being so uninterested in football because of my lack of knowledge of it, it soon became clear as school continued it was unavoidable. First of all I had become good friends with a couple of boys from the team and my brother had began to play, after being forced to do years of Rugby at his old school. My love for my brother meant that me watching his games were mandatory (even though these weren’t on a Monday night because he was not part of the varsity team anymore of a recreational one because he was not the best), so I was forced to brush up my knowledge on this sport. Also the boy that I had met at the party the previous week, I found out was on his football team and we had been talking non-stop (about football a bit) since we last had met, which also allowed me to gain knowledge about the sport. All these factors made me become more well-informed about football. I had even started to learn the rule of on-side and during my gym lessons, I tried to implement it, although I was not a natural, more like shit.

I had now began, when I was free to come out to the garden and attempt to play with my brother, although most of the time he would make me be the goalie and try to smack the ball at me.

However my main port of football came from a boy (who is a friend) I was becoming closer and closer with was (he who no the named) but the boy I had in my AP English and History class with. We now began to eat lunch together every Friday and Wednesday when we both finished the same time before lunch. Because he was also a football player we always discussed the sport (not just the sport, but my interest on the members of the team of course), this became even more knowledgeable about the sport despite still being absolutely awful at it. I remember last Tuesday after school, when I was waiting my brother to finish practice, because my mum made me drive him home, (Jack is what he is going to be called to make my life easier), Jack because he played in a different team to my brother, (who was still no where as good as his peers, due to only his recent dedication to the sport), he was willing to play with me. We kicked the ball about (I attempted to), and I tried to score a goal against him, but failed to hit the target on basically every shot (sad I know). Anyway although my football skills never progressed up until the present, both my knowledge and understanding of the game did which encouraged me to watch them and not just go to the party afterwards.

Football parties:

These were the best from my experience, despite Saturday nights being fun, nothing can compare to the rowdiness and inhibitions of Monday night post victory euphoria.

Of course due to my lack of investment into our high school football team either team victory would result in me and some of my friends (the ones who didn’t have boyfriends that were on the team) would attend the competitors victory party (provided they were under 30 minutes away from our town). All these football after parties would be jokes and chill, because you would arrive in your baggy jumpers which you had to watch the game in less you wanted to freeze and leggings. You would just drink and smoke hash or weed until you passed out or threw up and get with a someone you didn’t know for a dare. It was basically a man cave type party if that makes sense but thats what made it fun, you could do whatever your heart desired without getting judged.

Each time I attended one of these parties (I don’t want to paint myself in a bad light, but rather tell the truth), I have woken up the next day in the same house, with the same clothes on feeling absolutely hung over, because as you probably are already aware my motto is go hard or go home.

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