Moving to high school for my senior year

At the beginning of this year I moved from London (Notting Hill) to New York (Long Island) for my senior year.. yes you guessed it rather shit.

My father’s job relocated and my mum was unwilling to allow me to live with my grandparents to finish year 13 and so instead I became a ‘senior’ (class of 2019).

Being at an all girls boarding my whole life didn’t really prepare me for a high school experience, where I would be studying alongside both boys and girls and drama, which was deemed a petit in my London school.

And so at the beginning of summer I embarked on my journey across the Atlantic, leaving my friends who were virtually my sisters and my entire extended family.

Hating my parents more than ever did not really make my experience more enjoyable and my Brother’s misery, who was starting his ‘Junior year’ enhanced the strain the move had on my family.

My intention is to write about my last four months as quickly as possible so I have everyone updated on my life.

I’m writing this blog to describe my journey on:  my move , the boy’s I and hopefully will continue to encounter, the friends I make and have made and the challenges I no doubt will have to overcome.

So if you want to know what it is like for a British girl at an American high school follow me on my journey.

Oh and if anyone is wondering had to do my (SAT’s) over the summer, but still have an enormous amount of work to catch up on. But I will be trying to upload short posts everyday.

Hopefully see you later


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