School update:

The previous few accounts have been solely focused on my social life, because the world-wind road it has been on, but I feel I initially started writing these to document my time at an American high school, so thats what I am going to be doing.

I am just going to walk you through last Friday’s, school day because Friday is both my longest school day and most social (although this won’t be entity focused on), hopefully making this a more exciting account. However, once again my day is rushed and busy and I have an extensive amount of work, meaning this count can unfortunately not be in too much detail, or too lengthy.

My last Friday, I remember waking up at 7:00 as usual, I quickly got changed into one of my classic outfits; tracksuit bottoms, my black booted Dr Martins, and a long sleeve, with a short sleeve band tee on top to both suit my fashion and protect me from cold. Me and my brother, when we are on time, aim to leave the house at 7:40, we then stopped of, as usual for my almond milk mocha and his flat white, which help me open my eyes for my drive to school. (I actually cannot imagine, not being able to drive, and if you are wondering it took me all summer and constant lessons to past my test before the beginning of school.) Anyway, by the time we leave, get our coffee, and get out the car and get to homeroom I am normally/ always 10 minutes late, which is a disease of mine, that has no cure.

Even though most school day is different, my timetable does not change and on a Friday my first lesson starts at 8, (bloody early) because it’s pre-calculus, which I am taking because I did year of maths A-level (English education system). Although, the education systems are vastly different much of my maths courses at my school I have completed in London, making it my best subject despite it definitely not being my favourite. My maths class can only be described as full of intellects, making it harder (had I not done some topics, I definitely would not be able to keep up). My class only has 10 people, making the lesson even more intense due to it’s intimacy. I quite enjoy my pre-calc class because it is full of people I am not socially friendly outside of school, or outside the subject, making conversation more exciting as I am therefore unaware of their social excursions, making for good story times. 

Pre  calc takes up my first and second period, meaning the lesson is painfully long nd the 6 minutes in between the next lesson, only either gives me time for a secret smoke behind the school, which is sometimes vital or going to the toilet. Although its common for seniors to skip, due to my extensive amount of work especially on my Friday’s, it would be impossible to do so. For 3rd period I have AP US History, which I have been stuck into, despite my lack of knowledge for this particular topic due to my growing up in England, where learning about Germany/ Britain during the World War was a more common topic. Despite, history being my favourite topic due to it interesting me, it has now become one of my hardest due to the amount of content I have to learn. My AP history set however makes this easier as it is such a chill set. Also their is only eight of us, four juniors and four seniors which make up it’s capacity. I liked my set beacsue none of them took school extremely seriously and while they all seemed smart, they seemed fun (actually the party I went to the weekend of the 10th of November (I think), I was invited to was by one of the juniors, whose party it was; that will come in another account. 

It’s so strange that you share classes with people not in your year, because in England your school year which was determined your age determined your peers, which is so different America.

My history takes me to 11:30 am, and often I go to the Library until 12, due to most people not coming out of class until then, however last Friday, I went out with the same boy I went to the Halloween party with (who shan’t be named), because he is in both my history and english resulting in him to finish at the same time as me. We went to a sushi restaurant, that was empty, however, we knew it would begin to fill be 12, with freshman, sophomore and juniors who decided to eat out, which was more common on a Friday. We ordered our sushi, mine being 12 avocado maki and his some complicated food that I would/ could never try. I remember him updating me on his version of accounts on Halloween, as I could not recall it in explicitly detail due to my intoxication. We had a laugh, pointing out all the reckless things we had done in the space of a night. I began to tell him about party in the town over and about the ‘football’ boy that I had made out with. He claimed he knew him as a rival footballer, but I left it at that desperate not to divulge into too much detail about the boy I met, as I really and truly didn’t want to see him too often, otherwise my spontaneous kiss, may want to be explored further, which I did not want.

I remember after we started to get our food, after being sat down for 15 minutes at around i 12, meaning it was the time that everyone would come from school. Even though me and this boy were obviously friends, our intimate lunch I remember earned some stares form the sophomore and junior, that were obviously curiously about our lives (because they had none of their own). I remember getting texts that day from others asking if I was dating him, I mean that would never happen in London and it just shows how involved everyone is in other people’s lives, because everyone knows everyone.

Anyway when we got back from lunch, I had my sophomore chemistry. As I have previously explained my attempts to get as many credits in a year have resulted in my taking this class, with people 2 year younger than me. Although I quite enjoy being the oldest and discussing their sophomore parties and the comparison to my senior one’s. Also the class is pretty chill, as I had done much of the course in my GCSE chemistry. 

After this I am forced into gym class which I absolutely despise, especially this terms/ semesters/ seasons ‘Womans soccer’, which I could not be worse at. At my old school, our sports included netball and lacrosse and polo. In the UK surprisingly woman soccer is no where near as big as in America and I had never played it in P.E until my move. This made me an absolute joke at it and I could barely kick the ball. It was embarrassing. This was made even worse as the boys have P.E at he same time and therefore played soccer on the adjacent field at the same time to us meaning they were and are also able to witness my failure.

On a Friday I finish at 3.45

Anyway this is my typical Friday school day, sorry did not have time to explain my after school, but comment down below if you want anything else to be touched on or discusses. 


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