The rest of summer

I am currently in my free period, I have a lot of fun writing these accounts despite them being a total distraction from both my sophomore and senior year in one. I’m sure the novelty will wear off but while I am motivated I may as well continue to write and update you all with my situation.

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I now realise that going into this much detail about the beginning of summer which was a solid 4 months ago was a fatal flaw, there is not much a can remember in the detail needed to dedicate an entire post to it. But in this post describes my entire summer vibe and is going to be explained as a single post because I want to discuss the start of school and eventually describe and share my current situation.

The rest of summer went by in quite a blur, I made my way to Manhattan about 10 times that summer, as it was only a 30 minute train journey, I went shopping and went clubbing with my over 21 ID that I had bough in mind of my moving to America. This summer was fun. Of course I missed my friends and to this day FaceTime them almost everyday I mean I lived with most of them for six years, but I increasingly became content with my living in America. I went back home to London a couple of times as well and had fun which made the transition easier because it meant that I didn’t have to miss my friends. I also  went to parties in my town and increasingly got invited to more by the people I would consistently get drunk and high with at the parties (I know some people think this is scandalous, but I have been smoking since I was 15 and drinking since I was much younger, at first in Long Island I was self-conscious of my smoking, as people were much more dedicated to their JUUL’s). I grew relationships with the people from my town. I met a girl, who slowly became a friend her name Libby, she worked at the coffee shop I went to most days to revise for my SAT’s. I soon learned about her life and the her life as a high school student. I became increasingly agitated and excited to learn about what high school would be like, despite having to go there almost every week to learn for my SAT’s. Yes. I had a lot of work. Imagine doing Junior year in a summer.

Boys became more frequent occurrence as summer continued, and despite going to a boarding school, everyone who lived in the UK knew a boarding school girls reputation and to a certain extent stereotyping me as one was correct. Loudly and proudly, I have had sex outside of a relationship, and most of my best friends had. I had never had a long term boyfriend (sure I had had 2 month flings) but never love and I intended for this to continue throughout my senior year (you don’t want a relationship in your last year of school, surely it’s inevitable that you were going to break up for college/university). During the summer I had got with a few boys in the city when tipsy, but at the beginning I was trying to maintain a good (innocent) reputation that was not necessarily true. I figured that somethings should be kept private and in my mind it was a white lie (what no one knew would n’t hurt right?) so thats how I kept it. In the aspect I wanted a new start no stereotypes of a typical boarding school girl that I previously accepted and embraced. Sure not to float my boat or anything I was a pretty girl, with you typical ‘slim’ frame (whatever that can be classified as), but as you will see I am desperate to stay as far away from a relationship as possible. Not. My. Vibe.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you want me to explain in the comments:

That was what predominantly consisted of my entire summer.

Lots of love

Petal C-S

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